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And we know how frustrating it is trying to figure out what kind of lawyer you need and how to find them

We offer a range of policies for individuals, families, & businesses

Our network is your network

We’re proud to have built a network of qualified and experienced lawyers to help our community find the right experts. Now, we are the go-to service for people looking for a reputable lawyer without the confusion and stress of trying to find them.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to take the stress and confusion out of searching for the right legal experts. We’re here to get rid of the legal jargon and bull**** so Australian’s can get reliable legal support without wasting time and money.

Our Vision

For all Australian’s to be able to access appropriate and reputable legal services with ease.

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We’ve helped hundreds of Australian’s just like you get free

We take the bull out of legal support

If you need a lawyer and have no idea how to find one, or what you’re looking for – we’ve got you covered

Consultation fees suck

We know huge legal fees suck, especially if you’re just looking for an initial consultation. That’s why we specialise in matching you with no-win, no-fee lawyers or a free consultation.

Specialist lawyers

Our network of expert lawyers covers every area of law. So you can trust your lawyer knows exactly what they’re doing. 

We speak your language

Legal jargon can be frustrating and hard to understand. We speak your language and do the hard work for you! 

We make it ezy

Life is busy enough without the stress of searching for a lawyer. Our quick & ezy assessment does the hard work for you.

No obligation

Once you’ve completed the assessment it’s completely up to you if you go ahead with a consultation.

Here for support

Have a question during the assessment process? We’re here to support you. Contact us and one of our customer service team will help you out!

Our Law Partners

Our mission is to make finding the right lawyer straight forward, and stress-free. We have a nationwide network of law partners who are individually vetted to ensure they meet the Ezy Law standard of premium service and expertise.

Licenced & Accredited

Each lawyer and law firm we partner with is fully licenced and accredited to practice law in Australia.

Experienced & Successful

We only partner with practitioners who have a proven track record of winning cases and successful outcomes.

Reputable & Reliable

We carefully partner with reputable lawyers and firms who you can rely on to look after you.

Don’t put off finding the legal help you need. Our Ezy Assessment will do the hard work for you.


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