If you’re in the process of buying or selling a property choosing your own conveyancer can drastically make your life easier. For first home buyers, the decision to pick your conveyancer can feel intimidating. But the rewards are worth the effort. To help you out we’ve pulled together the top reasons you should stand your ground and choose your own conveyancer. You get to build your own property team Navigating the property market can feel overwhelming and you should have total control on the team you work with to build your property portfolio or secure your own home. Think of a conveyancer as the third part of your property team that works alongside your real estate agent and mortgage broker. Having this team mentality means you maintain control over the decisions and feel more comfortable throughout the process. You can choose a conveyancer you trust When you go through the process of selecting a conveyancer you’re more likely to find one you trust. When you go through your network to ask for recommendations or put the time and effort in to do background checks you are tailoring your conveyancing service to your own needs, and are more likely to have a positive experience and get the outcomes you’re looking for. You can make sure your conveyancer is accredited and up to date with legislation The problem of using a conveyancer chosen by a third party is you have little to no oversight of their compliance and experience. By choosing your own service you can ensure your conveyancer is across all the relevant legislation in your state. As technology and industry standards continue to evolve it’s important your conveyancer is ahead of the game and won’t miss new developments that may cost you down the line. You are their priority It’s common for real estate agents and brokers to suggest using the same conveyancer as the other party involved in the sale. While it’s a common practice it also means there is an inherent conflict of interest for the conveyancer. By choosing and using your own representative you can be sure they are focused only on your best interests and getting the best result for you. Do you need a conveyancer? Whether it’s your first home or a commercial investment a conveyancer is an essential part of your property transaction process. If you’re in the process of buying or selling a property and need a conveyancer we can help. Our network of conveyancers are highly experienced and experts in property law. To find the right match for your needs take our Ezy Assessment today and we’ll take care of the rest.

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