Trying to find a lawyer can be confusing and stressful, especially when the matter has serious life-changing consequences. Whether you need support for commercial contract negotiations, filing for divorce, claiming compensation or fighting criminal charges – having the right legal assistance is essential. But how do you choose the right lawyer for your needs? We’ve put together 6 quick tips to get you started on your search. Check for a strong online presence A good law firm invests in building a robust online presence. When you’re beginning your search, have a look at websites, LinkedIn and social channels. Make sure you read websites thoroughly as a generic search of ‘ best lawyer in Sydney’ will most likely bring up lots of sites that have very targeted Search Engine Optimisation strategies. This means the website is designed to show up when you type in a specific search term like ‘best lawyer Sydney’ but it doesn’t mean the law firm is the best in Sydney. Try to find online reviews or recommendations, and check to see if there are any media mentions of the law firms cases. Ask your network for recommendations The best referrals come from those we trust, so ask your colleagues family and friends for any recommendations. Make sure any suggestions you take come from someone who has personally used the service or can put you in contact with someone who has, instead of the lawyer being just a friend of a friend. This way you can trust the recommendation is coming from a first-hand experience of the service. Check their experience While some lawyers will claim to have a general practice, be wary of anyone who claims they can help no matter what your situation is. You want someone who has a track record of experience and success in the specific area of law you need support with. Whether its a criminal matter, corporate law, estate disputes or compensation – having a lawyer who is up to date and across all the latest legislation and industry best-practice is essential to achieving your desired outcome. Book a consultation Chances are if you’re looking for legal support, you want the best you can get. Legal proceedings and negotiations can put a lot of pressure on you and your loved ones, so it’s crucial your lawyer doesn’t add to the stress. Contact a few selected lawyers for a consultation or case assessment. Some may offer a free case assessment if requested. During your first meeting ensure you ask detailed questions about their experience in the area of law you need. Vet the full team Most lawyers have a support team to help them move cases through the appropriate systems, so it’s important you understand who else will be working on your case. Some smaller or individual lawyers may work by themselves, and if this is the case ensure you enquire what their client load is. If they have a large client load, the chances are your case won’t receive adequate attention. If your lawyer has a larger team supporting them, ask for an overview of who would be working on your case, what their role is, and how experienced they are. It’s not helpful to have a highly skilled lawyer handball their cases to junior legal aids. So try to make sure your chosen lawyer has an experienced support team you can trust. Compare the quote and service Not all services are created equal, so once you’ve got a shortlist, it’s time to compare the costs. If you’re pursuing a compensation claim, consider a lawyer who offers a no-win-no-fee service. If you’re considering a no-win-no-fee service, make sure the percentage of your commission is not drastically higher than a service with up-front costs. While no-win-no-fee is an excellent option, there are some bad players who charge extortionate commission rates from your awarded compensation., Why not let us do it for you? If you’re starting the journey of searching for a lawyer and it feels overwhelming, why not let us match you with the perfect service instead? We’ve done all this work already and can help you find the right lawyer, at the right price who is an expert in the area of law you need. Simply take the Ezy Assessment and we’ll do the work for you. Ezy!

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