It’s easy to be intimidated by the cost of a lawyer. We get it. And for plenty of legal tasks such as visa applications and property sales it doesn’t always seem necessary. But deciding to save money by taking care of your own legal needs is often a huge mistake. Not only can it cost you more money in the long run, it can often cost you your mental health, criminal charges, your relationships and your time. So if you’re on the fence here’s 7 reasons why you should always hire a lawyer. The legal system is complex Not only do lawyers understand the law (which can be incredibly confusing for most of us) they also understand the legal system. And the legal system is complicated, to say the least. Whether you’re going through a divorce, settling commercial property sales or fighting a criminal charge, you want someone who will be able to navigate the system. A lawyer will know what steps you have to take and what options you have for appeal and dispute outcomes. You can ruin your case very easily Even legal processes that seem straightforward can come undone by misfiled paperwork or missing a step in the process. When you hire a lawyer you can be sure you dot all of your i’s and cross all of your t’s, so your case won’t be ruined by a simple and avoidable mistake. Lawyers negotiate for a living Let’s face it; not all of us are good at confrontation. Lawyers are trained in negotiation, so when your case comes down to the details, you want someone who won’t back down from a fight and who knows the art of persuasion. If your case is a criminal matter, a lawyer will be able to negotiate plea bargains and get the best result for you, ultimately having a significant impact on your future. Lawyers can build your strongest case When it comes to claiming compensation or fighting a criminal charge, you want your most robust case put forward. Lawyers have the experience and knowledge to assess your situation and decide on the best angle to present to get a favourable outcome. They also have access to extensive networks of expert witnesses that can support your case that you otherwise wouldn’t have on your side. Not having a lawyer can cost you more money Avoiding the cost of hiring a lawyer might seem like a good idea if your legal tasks seem straightforward, but it can cost you big time. There are often fees associated with lodging forms and legal applications. Without the guidance of a lawyer, your chances of filling out forms incorrectly or missing supporting evidence are much higher. For example, while you might avoid paying for an immigration lawyer to lodge your visa application, you could end up having to pay twice for lodgment fees if you’re missing the right documentation or have filled out the wrong forms. A lawyer will pick these errors up before you proceed and can save you time, stress and money in the long term. The other parties probably have representation If there are multiple parties in your legal case, you need to make sure you have equal representation to increase your chances of a favourable outcome. Whether it’s an estate dispute, a divorce settlement or property sale, you want to make sure you have a lawyer representing your best interests and making your case as strong as possible. They’ll be better equipped to manage the case and build a legal strategy if the other party has representation. Having legal support can be essential for your mental health We often forget to talk about the non-financial costs of going through legal battles. Long, drawn-out and unnecessarily expensive legal proceedings can have a huge impact on your relationships, your family, your professional life and your overall stress levels. The combination can have a devastating effect on your mental health and quality of life. Having legal support is essential to minimise the length of your case, and to remove some of the burdens of stress and worry from your shoulders. Often just knowing there is a professional taking care of your case is worth the financial cost well before the outcome is known. If you need a lawyer but don’t know where to find one take the Ezy Law Assessment. It’s free and takes less than 30 seconds to complete. We’ll match you with an expert in the area of law you need, plus you may be eligible for a free consultation or a no-win-no-fee service. Take the Ezy Law Assessment now

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